The roadmap to starting your own online business, step by step

Start you own online business today

Thinking of starting your own online business? This road map will help you along the way, and I will be here ti help!

Ok, so, let’s cut through the quagmire of having lost your job and now you need to find a way to start again and the Internet is not your usual playground. It can be intimidating to say the least, not only have you just managed to pull yourself to the computer, you have applied for positions online using online recruitment companies and now you start the long wait to receive any form of communication from them. It feels like you are throwing your resume into this black abyss expecting that the human being on the other side has a modicum of emotion and will understand that typically people who are applying for jobs, in most circumstances, have lost their jobs and some form of communication is better than none! (A fate I would not wish on my worst enemy is to go through this process of applying for roles that you are ideally suited to only to not receive any return communication from recruiters) – If I am not suitable, at least let me know or tell me why I was unsuccessful.

I am now in my seventh, almost eighth month without work, however I have been fortunate enough to have so much research on the Internet for a way to start my own online business and have started making some money online and within the next few months will have an income that will be better than what I was earning on a full time basis. What I am prepared to do is share some of my learning with you and hopefully along the way you will to become successful in your own online business, and if you do happen to get employed as well then you can keep up with the online business and start filling the gaps that may have appeared whilst you were searching for a new start.

Let’s get some things straight first off, I am not going to promise you instant success and that you are going to make $10,000 overnight or within your first month, but I am going to offer you honest strategies and direction for the right types of products and systems to work with that will assist you in getting started in the right direction. I will also disclose to you fully when I am recommending a product to you where I am an affiliate and this is all I request in return for offering you free advice and resources, sound fair?

The diagram above maps out, albeit basically, the journey we are going to take on, something like this:

  1. We will start with researching a niche that interests you, for example, I am not going to try and force you into marketing weight loss products if your interests are in Self Help Business education, or eBooks on Amazon as two examples.
  2. Once we have that niche, we will source products that firstly, SELL, and secondly, have a good compensation plan.
  3. From here we will find and register a domain name and have the domain hosted and start building your web presence.
  4. Next step is your website which I will recommend using a WordPress site which has many custom built and often free services that can assist you with your search engine optimisation.
  5. Along the way I will provide you with resources (free resources) and advice that I have picked up along my journey, some of them which I have paid for but learned the hard way by spending money when I did not need to.
  6. There will be some campaigns that work and others that don’t and we will need to look at what does and learn from that and more importantly, what did not work and ensure that we don’t repeat that again.
  7. There will be some social media strategies and some opportunities to use Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns along the way, but once again, what works gets repeated, what does not, gets stopped as quickly as possible to eliminate wasting resources. (One of the benefits of measuring campaigns using PPC)
  8. The cycle will be repeated with the objective of building Multiple Streams of Income.

I trust this makes sense and I look forward to assisting you along the way.

Yours in Success!


Starting again after losing your job

Making sense of the work from home industry

Ok, so we have been through a bit, lost our jobs and hopefully you have used the guide on how to Condition yourself for Success! I have been looking at various options for earning money online and at least find some tools to use to generate some money whilst I search for something. Hopefully by the time I do get a job my online business will be doing really well and I will be able to continue working for myself and not have to worry about being laid off ever again. To that end, here is a list of the potential online earning platforms that you can have a look at:

You could sign up as an affiliate and sell a whole bunch of products for companies in all sorts of categories from basic education to diet and health care all the way up to self help books.

Enter, domain naming and hosting of the said sales sites. Check out Namecheap for domain registration and hosting services.

Some of the companies that you work with as an affiliate will provide you with all of the support that you need to get you started, here is an example of the new MeetCheap product launch (no relation to NameCheap). I have used this product a number of times and it is really awesome, simple, quick and easy.

What about cash flow?

If you, like me are a bit low on the cash flow, there are a number of free sites, but they do carry advertising on them, but you can check them out. Here is one that I have put together and I am helping men pick up women and maybe even get lucky! Check this Badass website out. You may have lost your job and your family at the same time and could use some skills that you have not used for a long time!

Paid for programs

Then there is make money by uploading videos to YouTube. Yes, YouTube need more videos, but with a bit of simple editing you can “top and tail” a video and drive some traffic to your affiliate sites using TubeLaunch, check out how simple this is, they provide you with all of the tools and training that you need. Not a bad option if you are willing to put in the hours and work on your new online business. Remember you are now CEO of your own online business and the effort is well worth it after you have had that “what now” question rolling around in your brain when you could not sleep last night!

Blogging for business

Blogging is becoming all the rage, enter Empower Network, one of the largest group of online marketers and brainshare you will find in once space. Daily motivational online briefings, support from fellow Empower Network community members. What an exciting space to be, you will hear from people like us who have lost everything, decided to jump into the online marketing space or just searching for financial freedom, check this out! You will still need to recruit your own Empower Network followers but I have found a free app that makes this really easy, have a look here, its called EN2Click


Ok, so do we have any more reason for feeling sorry for ourselves? Take advantage of my learning and get all in right away. You can do it if you set your mind to it, set out some daily goals to start with Empower Network, get the free app, start blogging, start affiliate sites, multiple streams of income, instead of none!

Thanks for taking the time to go through my site, please fee free to leave any comments / suggestions and will gladly assist you where I can.

BTW, next post will have more funky tools for you to add to your MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

Try some of these new products:

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Conditioning yourself for Success

A few years ago there was some clinical research where Dr Robert Holden ( would make clinically depressed people happier within a short space of time using the following techniques, which in my experience recently make a significant difference and I highly recommend them:

  1. Take Physical Exercise – It is no secret that our brains release all sorts of healthy chemicals when we spend a bit of time exercising. With regular exercise the body will release natural opiates which will give you a warm, comfortable and relaxed feeling for hours afterwards. After a while these feelings will become your base line – and an hour walking or on the treadmill, means an hour less spent worrying about your unemployment!
  2. Laugh for 20 minutes every day – One of the things that I fortunately have not lost and that is my sense of humor. Find a really funny YouTube clip on epic fails, or listen to some comedy online though podcast or read some really funny jokes online ( is a bit rough, but some really funny stuff there). Research shows that even smiling releases Serotonin which is the well being chemical in our brains.
  3. Force yourself to have happy thoughts – One way of doing this is to paste colored stickers around your house and associate a really happy memory with each color so that when you walk through your house and you see one of those colors you will be reminded of the happy times. I have a smooth stone in my pocket which I picked up on the beach when I was with all 4 of my children and I refer to it as my gratitude stone. Every time I touch the stone I remember them and the time that we spent on the beach. I have had it in my pocket for 7 years now. Try it, you will benefit greatly!

Source: Paul McKenna (and my personal experience)

Lost my job – My Diginity

The definition of Dignity is a term used in moral, ethical, legal, and political discussions to signify that a being has an innate right to be valued and receive ethical treatment. In the context of losing your job, the words “right to be valued” most certainly apply. As you would have read from my About Me page, this is now (June 2013) my seventh without a job and the “right to be valued” is the most overriding feeling.

When you talk to creditors on a daily basis and have to tell them that “I lost my job” the reality of the situation presses down on you once again. At times it feels like a grizzly bear is standing right behind you with it’s claws out and ready to whack your head off. It is too late in my life to get “ job advice” so I need to find alternatives. Being depressed day in and day out is not going to solve the problem, so I am going to use the knowledge and skills that I have built up over a 20 year career in IT and hopefully build and income stream and start again.